Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My first blog

I've always avoided participating in the blogging world. My thoughts tend to stray (such as the word "kitten" popping into my mind just as I'm typing "stray"), and I'm never completely sure that people I talk to want to know what I have to say. So why put them down where I might inadvertantly waste someone's time with my meaningless drivel? Because today I had the overwhelming urge to share with someone, anyone, just how very much I wanted to be in one place, at one particular time, and I wanted to share it NOW.
I am completely obsessed with Walt Disney World. I am completely obsessed with many other things as well (fibre arts, reading, renaissance festivals, the desire to be rich), but this, this love of Walt Disney World is one of my all-consuming passions. My fiancee and I discuss the parks and resort hotels on a daily basis. Comparing notes of what days, and for how long, at which hotel we want to visit next. Arguing over restaurants, methods of travel, and other such nonsense is about the same with us as normal people discussing the weather forecast. In fact, the only thing we won't do to get down to the lovely state of Florida, is fly. Yes, a mere fear of crashing (not the heights, I don't mind actually being up there. It's the coming down that bothers me), is all that prevents us from selling everything we own, and becoming paupers for the joy of one more trip. Sound a bit like an addiction? You could say that.
Anyway- as much as I love things like: Walking down Main Street USA while gaping at Cinderella's castle, Watching Spectro-magic, Watching Wishes, Illuminations, or Fantasmic, and going on all the fantastic rides- what I love, really love, are tiny points of pixie dust- sometimes lasting less than a second- in really mundane places. That's what this blog is about- or will be about. So long as I can keep my thoughts tuned in.

Today's fantasy? Cosmic Ray's. Right about twilight- standing just outside the food lines, between the stairs, and the lounge with Sunny Eclipse. There is a moment, even if you enter with a battle plan (you- chicken line, you- salad, I'll get the drinks, we'll rendezvous upstairs at the table with the best view of the castle) where the lures of a cheesy lounge lizard, and a spectacular view of fantasy architecture are almost too close to choose. And that's the moment that I want, right now. Silly as it seems, I LIKE that feeling. And there's no where else in the world or the World that's quite the same.