Sunday, August 27, 2006


Something I've been wanting to post for quite some time is my obsession with jewelry. I'm currently working on setting up a jewelry business (all hand-crafted by me, thank you very much), and so even my one true love (WDW) is unable to stay separate.
My fantasy of where to be? M.G.M., in that fantastic little jewelry shop that shares a building with the men's golfing apparel (located past the Villain's shop, but before you get to Tower of Terror). I've found my favorite Disney jewelry in there. A pair of fantastic 14k mickey face post earrings, italian charm bits (I collect one charm per visit, starting on my last visit- that charm was a Jack Skellington. I'm thinking Stitch for my upcoming December trip.), and some lovely, lovely things that are WAY out of my price range.
I can (and have) spent well over an hour in that shop- which is barely big enough to turn around in- without getting bored. I met a lovely sales girl in there, who agrees with me that diamonds are highly over-rated. And my only frustration, is that I have such wonderful, and simple ideas for jewelry at WDW, that I can't understand why their designers haven't come up with it yet! Couldn't they hire me as an ideas girl? I'd be happy to work for samples!
I'm going to have to resist the urge to start talking about my jewelry now... I think I'll go start another blog.