Friday, April 13, 2007

Cinderella's Castle

Ah, I'm dreaming of Cinderella's Castle right now. You know, after the park closes, and the only lights are on Main Street USA, watching the "Kiss Goodnight". It's so peaceful. Almost all of the other guests have left, and you know that it's just a short walk to the ferry (much more soothing than the monorail), a quick tram ride (the drivers always get crazy at closing) to the car, and then, you're drowning yourself in a soothing just-over-lukewarm shower, walking out to the quiet pool to dangle your feet. Then back to the hotel room, and crawling under those comfy covers, onto that delicious not-too-firm-not-too-soft bed.

Should I be concerned that most of my Disney Daydreams turn into sleeping at Disney?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Welcome To The Haunted Mansion

I was listening to The Haunted Mansion! on Live365 today, and was overcome with a longing to be just at the entrance of the ride. You know, where you've just passed the last cast member and are entering the dark chamber with the floating candelabra up near the ceiling.

Ok, so who doesn't want to be on the Haunted Mansion? But I could actually feel the cool air wafting over me as I sat at my work desk, daydreaming. It really was just my imagination. Today has been rather warm considering the past few months, but not warm enough for a fan or air conditioning. Just very intense daydreaming.

It helps though, that Disney's shutting down the Mansion over the summer for rehabs. Our first wedding anniversary is coming up in May, and since we couldn't afford to get married down there, we were going to go for our anniversary. Well, we can't afford that either (since we went with his mom and brother in December). While the Mansion isn't supposed to be closing until June, you can never be certain when it comes to Disney. Wouldn't it be awful to drive 16 hours, pay thousands of dollars, and then have your second favorite ride closed? (My favorite being Pirates of the Carribean- but HM is hubby's favorite) I still remember refusing to go down while they were rehabbing Pirates, even though hubby wasn't bothered about it ("just as long as the Haunted Mansion is open").

Bah. It's rare for me that a ride is what I miss most about WDW, but it tends to be harder to shake when it happens.