Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Best Meal Ever

You know I'm feeling "homesick" when I write a post on one specific meal. Pathetic.

We drive to Walt Disney World from Pennsylvania. It's about 16 hours depending on traffic, pit stops, etc. This past trip neither my husband or I slept at all. We arrived about 8am, and couldn't get into our room until 3pm. Since we were able to get rooms at 8am on our last trip, we didn't expect this. We'd planned to go straight to our rooms, nap, then come out and eat.

Poor husband was so exhausted that he stayed in the van and finally slept for 3 hours. I was too excited. So BIL, MIL and I decided to go to Boatwright's for breakfast (hubby always insists on the foodcourt when he's awake).

Hm.. Banana Stuffed French Toast? I normally hate french toast, but just for the moment that sounded very tempting. Served with strawberry and banana sauce? Um, not so much. I was expecting it to be like Nestle's syrup topping and planned to order my BSFT without sauce. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I was so tired that I forgot to make my request.

And out came our breakfasts. Was that huge thing mine? Holy cow! And... ooooh, look at that sauce. They used pureed strawberries with small banana chunks as the sauce. It was unbelievable. So good. I am ever so grateful for my lapse in memory. I tried to talk everyone into going back for breakfast again and never managed it. But this next trip, I swear we're going!

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