Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Bird In The Hand

Something that I've noticed in the past, and am noticing more and more is the proliferation of birds at Walt Disney World. In fact, one of my favorite memories (out of the thousands) is when one of these cute little brown ones flew so close to me that either its wings or the wind from its wings stirred my hair. It then landed just behind me where I was sitting on a wall that surrounds some bushes in Tomorrowland. Several times the bird hopped out close enough that I could have just reached out to touch it.

Another memory was watching a bird sitting on a branch and... ahem... letting loose mere inches behind a boy's head.

These birds were actually closer than this if you'll believe it. Unfortunately, everytime I got my camera ready to take a picture they'd hop away before I could get it! My lovely mother in law sprinkled a few bits of energy bar on the ground to bring them back long enough to get the shot.

Eventually I'll get a few duck photos up- all of which were close enough to be touched (which, of course, I didn't).

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