Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cosmic Ray's Has Me In Stitches

Yes, I know, I've already talked about Cosmic Ray's, but that was a completely different thing!

Two trips ago, my husband (then fiancee) and I stopped at Cosmic Ray's fairly late in the evening. We were hungry and, if I remember correctly, the food court at our resort was closed. It may have been the night we stayed for Extra Magic Hours which ended at 3am.

Anyway, there are a few tables along the windows that look out over the balconies where you can sit and stare at Cinderella's Castle. We were inside but looking out and periodically we heard static over the intercom/radio thing. Strange.

We continued to talk, stopping on occasion to try to hear what was being interrupted by static. It wasn't until he went into the restroom that I heard it. Stitch's voice, and occasionally another voice broadcasting that this wasn't an emergency, stay calm, just an escaped blue furry convict, etc.

It was hilarious! And yet, so subtle. Hubby came back and told me he could hear it clearly from the restroom.

I loved the promos Disney did for the Stitch attraction, it's just a shame that the attraction itself was terrible. Stitch may make for great promotions, but Alien Encounters was just soooooo much better. I miss Skippy.


  1. Alien Encounters, I do not know why, but that scared the stuff out of me. You could not even grab on to the person beside you. You knew they were there from all the screaming, but you felt all alone. It was just scary.

  2. I remember that feeling. I had a little trick though- I sat really straight while the shoulder harness came down and rested on my shoulders, then slumped once it'd set. It made the effects just that tiny bit off, and therefore more comfortable.


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