Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hubby's First Trip

I was reading Anita Answer's first blog post (from Allearsnet), and it made me think of my husband.

I've been to Walt Disney World 4 times, but he's been there 8. He was 18 when he went on his first trip- like Anita, he had to wait until he was able to go on his own since his parents didn't "do" theme parks.

My husband was born in 1968, and Walt Disney World opened in 1971- he still insists that he remembers it opening because of seeing it on TV. In highschool he met his best friend, who'd gone to WDW every year as part of a camp (originally one of the kids, in later years as one of the counselors). This year he'd decided to not be part of the camp, but still wanted to go to WDW.

Hubby had a tour guide.

He went with his friend, stayed at a HoJo's, and fell in love with everything the World had to offer. He even showed me the video footage he'd taken on that trip. Boy, was he skinny at 18!

He went twice with his ex-wife (obviously she wasn't his ex at the time), and after their divorce he tagged along with another friend.

4 trips.

A year or two later he met me. He asked me out to the movies. I said yes. The next day he invited me to Walt Disney World. I said yes. Four years and three trips to the World and I married him. And on our fourth trip, we brought the best mother-in-law and brother-in-law that a girl could have. And guess who wants to go back? That's right. We may never go alone again.

Can you ask for anything more?


  1. Okay ... dare I confess this? I have never been to Disneyworld. And it gets more pathetic ... I still (sometimes mind you) get Disneyworld mixed up with Disneyland. But thanks to you I think I might've figured out that WDW is in Florida, and Disneyland in California.

  2. :) I'm glad to know that I'm good for something!


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