Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Magical Cast Members

Our last day at Walt Disney World and my mother-in-law still hadn't seen the daytime parade. Well, you certainly can't have that! So hubby and I decided that even though we never bothered to watch parades on Main Street USA (always opting for less crowded conditions, such as Frontierland or Liberty Square) we would stick it out and grab spaces early. Like, an hour early.

I expected to be bored just sitting there on the sidewalk, waiting for my husband and my brother-in-law to finish shopping and occasionally waving at my MIL across the street sitting in the only chair available.

Until this guy came out:

I've more or less forgotten his routine, though I laughed constantly. The children were absolutely charmed by him and the weird dances he "taught" them. The parents loved him because even though he was so good with the children, he never sank to the cheesy or sappy persona that so many people adopt around kids. He was actually more or less dead pan, while doing rediculous dance steps and, um, "fixing" the gramaphone (he didn't hide the fact that there was a CD player underneath it despite his removing the trumpet part of the machine above).

You wouldn't believe how many times it took for me to get this picture right:

So many times it's the little things that will make your day. And if you (meaning the CM pictured above) ever see this- thank you for making at least one outstanding Disney memory.

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