Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Favorite Disney Memory

I never did get around to posting about my last Walt Disney World Vacation. So here's one: My favorite Disney memory (not necessarily the same thing as the best, but close).

Have you ever been the last guest to leave the Magic Kingdom? I have. Twice.

Our last trip was in December 2006. We took my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law with us, and it was their first trips. Now, my MIL went mostly for the experience of trying something new, going somewhere different. My BIL however, was mostly interested in golf (they do have some fab courses).

Now, the parks were open very late, especially if you count Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (which we did attend once). Even at that, we had so much fun that we stayed very, very late. The first time we didn't know how late until we walked down to the ferry as they were shutting the gate, saw us, and stopped. We ran up and went through, and as we passed the person closing up shop she said "you just made it, this is the last ferry". At the time we thought the monorail was still running, so we only felt guilty for holding up the last trip.

Until we got off the ferry. All of the bathrooms at the Trasportation and Ticket Center were closed; where people should have been exiting the monorail was empty with a closed sign on it, and we were part of a group of about 10 tramping towards the turnstiles and trams.

We got on the tram. We got off the tram. There were three other vehicles in the lot and a wheelchair.

A few days later we went back to the Magic Kingdom- and would you believe it? It happened again. We ran to catch the ferry. We were the only ones on the tram. Now there were no other vehicles in the lot aside from us and, again, a wheelchair. Luckily this time it was pretty close to our van and my husband and I took turns wheeling it around the parking lot before heading back to the hotel. Wheee!
(aside: That's my hubby on the left)

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