Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gorillas- Up Close And Personal

I love this gorilla. On our last trip, my husband, my brother in law, my mother in law, and I rode Kilimanjaro Safaris. When we got off the ride and walked out the exit, this is the sight that greeted us.

Now, I've never really been much of a gorilla person. My husband loves gorillas, bears, sharks... and just anything else that can be that intimidating. Except lions. I love lions, he doesn't.

Anyway, even though he's the one that loves gorillas, we were both in awe of this one. We were so close! Seriously, he couldn't have been more than four or five yards away- all that kept us separated was a little fence (keeping us out) and a very, very deep ditch (keeping him in). You can't see the ditch from the picture, but it started just past those plants in the front of the picture, and ended just in front of him. It was about 10' deeper than where his head was when he was at the bottom of the ditch.

So much personality. It was fascinating just watching him chew on plants. I never had any interest in the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail before, but after seeing this fellow, I can't wait for our next opportunity to check it out.

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