Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I've Never Done: Animal Kingdom

I've been doing quite a bit of writing about Disney's Animal Kingdom: An article here, and a lense here. So it got me thinking... there's still a lot that I haven't done at the Animal Kingdom.

Things I Want To Do:

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - I've done the Maharajah Jungle Trek, but never Pangani. On my first three trips, my feet hurt too much to do that much walking. On our last trip my feet were fine, but we didn't have time.

Character Greetings - We've had many opportunities, but they've always been with Winnie the Pooh. Blech.

Flights of Wonder - It's supposed to be a great show, but we've never really had the opportunity. The times were always awkward for what we wanted to do.

Wes Palm - I've seen Pipa and DeVine, but never Wes Palm. I heard he's a morning performer, so that could be why.

The Awakening - Some sort of ceremony or show that they do at the park's opening. I think the earliest we've ever gotten there was 10am, so we obviously miss that.

Things I Will Never Do:
Expedition Everest - Can't help it. I love the idea, it sounds incredible, and I've heard nothing but good reviews. But I just can't stand heights. Seriously, I won't even go on Goofy's Barnstormer.

Primeval Whirl - Again, I wish I could do it. But I just can't handle coasters. It looks like so much fun, but I just can't deal with drops. My husband loves it though!

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