Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2007 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video

I ordered a copy of the 2007 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video a few months ago. I won't watch something like that for the first time without my husband, who in the meantime was avoiding any mention of Disney because of homesickness.

Tonight, as a result of a complete lack of decent television programming, hubby gave in and we watched it. Well, part of it.

Usually everything Walt Disney World puts out sends us into paroxysms of joy- we're weird that way. But this one.... ew. Seriously. If I'd never been to WDW before and was ordering the video to see if I'd be interested in it? That DVD would have hit the trash can after the first 5 minutes. I like the bits with Cast Members discussing dreams come true at the parks, and the basic "gee look at the neat rides/shows" part of the video was averagely good. What royally sucked was all of the people and kids talking about "I dreamed I was a pirate!" and "I dreamt that a dinosaur attacked my school". It's the kind of thing that has potential to be cool and emotional, but it fell flat. Horribly flat.

The other thing that we hated was that we couldn't rewind. I was looking down as something supposedly interesting flashed on screen. My husband gallantly volunteered to rewind it so that I could see it only to find that it couldn't be rewound! We either had to watch the "main show" straight through or not at all! Rediculous! It could be paused, but that was it.

All in all, if you're actually going to use the video for planning or to try enticing someone else to go to the World, try to get a 2005 or 2006 video. Those were packed with information and had really great hosts. A bit cheesy, but good.

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