Sunday, September 30, 2007

Haunted Mansion T-shirts?

Note: We now have 2008 Haunted Mansion T-shirts! Click the link to see them.

A strange phenomenon has been occurring recently. I blog about things, and then they change. Now, I know there's no connection (or if there is, it's more along the lines of a company searching for reactions to their products and procedures), but my husband is a little superstitious.

So here's what I'm supposed to change. Our last trip to Walt Disney World was in December of 2006. The Haunted Mansion is hubby's favorite ride (and my 3rd fave after Dinosaur! and Pirates of the Caribbean) and he loves getting t-shirts while at the World. But there weren't any!

We thought that we were just missing them. Ok, not at the park, but surely at the big Disney store at Downtown Disney, right? Nope. We looked everywhere. We went back to the Magic Kingdom (I think we were there 3 times that trip), and finally asked the lady manning the cart outside the Haunted Mansion- you know, the one full of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise. She not only said that there were no HM t-shirts, but that she's asked that question all day, every day.

And now we hear that the rumored Haunted Mansion store is non-existent. We thought that after the renovation there would surely be a shop with t-shirts and such. Right? Wrong. I've heard very little in the way of merchandise and absolutely nothing about t-shirts. What's up with that? How wrong can that be? The Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular rides in the world, and there's no shirts? My husband has threatened to not go back to WDW if they don't have HM t-shirts. I know he won't hold to that, but isn't it a bit ridiculous?

I promise that I won't rant much on this blog since it's actually devoted to my love of all things Walt Disney World. But just in case hubby's right... We want t-shirts!

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