Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ew, He's Eating It!

Animal Kingdom is my favorite of all the Walt Disney World parks. And, of course, Kilimanjaro Safari is a must-see attraction for me every time we go.

Since hubby and I don't have children yet, we get a big kick out of the excitement from little ones around us. This is especially true for attractions that we've seen so many times that we can mouth the lines along with the cast members/recordings.

On our most recent trip, we decided to not use our cameras on the safari. We can never seem to get good pictures anyway, and we end up missing most of the sites while trying to get our cameras to focus.

Naturally, this was the trip that we saw all of the animals, very active, and very close. (Tip: try to ride the safari on a cool day, preferably after a little drizzle). We saw everything! Normally there are several animals that we can't see at all, or just barely through the leaves. On this trip, not only were the animals out in abundance, but if we'd have had our cameras out, we probably would have gotten award winning shots.

On several occasions, we've had the experience of giraffes walking in front of our safari truck. This time, we had an ancoli cattle separate from the... herd?... and amble gently towards our truck... and stayed right beside us (about 3 feet away, I kid you not) throughout most of their area.

We had a wonderful driver who, not only seemed to truly enjoy his job, but actually sped up in the areas where there were no animals so that he could actually stop, or come to a crawl for a few seconds when there were good pictures to be taken. Again, if only we'd had our cameras...

But the best part about this safari was when we got to the White Rhinos. As we rounded the corner and the Rhinos came into view, the driver began his narration and slowed a bit. The rest of us noticed a blast of water spraying into the ground. After a few seconds, all the adults began chuckling quietly and then a young, but loud voice behind me shouted "Look! He's takin' a whiz!".

Naturally, all the adults cracked up, and even the driver had difficulty keeping a straight face. A few seconds later and we heard "He's still doin' it!". Finally the stream stopped and the truck proceeded on it's path.

When we were directly across from the rhinos, we noticed another rhino... uh... fertilizing the plains. The same voice behind me piped up with "Now he's taking a dump!". I'd say that if there weren't sides on the truck, half the safari goers would have been on the ground laughing by now.

Soon the rhino finished doing his business, and proceeded to turn around and stick its snout in its own dirt. And guess what? "Ewwwww! He's eating it!". Bwahahaha!

Right after that our driver decided that it was time for the next group of animals.

I wonder why?

p.s. I know that picture is of a black rhino- I couldn't get a good shot of the white rhinos on our second safari.


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  3. My husband and I are heading to Walt Disney World in August and we can't wait. I've never been there and he hasn't been there since he was a kid. Animal Kingdom hadn't even been thought of when he was there. We're both looking forward to seeing what this park is all about, it seems like surprises galore!


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