Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are we going? Are we there yet?

I know, I don't post often here. But if it's any consolation, I don't post often anywhere! Too many interests = too many blogs.

But, the Desire for Disney has begun to blossom fully in both my husband and I. Enough for us to decide that we don't care that we can't afford yet another trip to our favorite place. Enough to decide that he doesn't care if I don't help drive (terrified of highways, weird, I know)... Enough that I'm trying to earn enough extra dosh that we can afford a train instead of gas money.

And since we agreed that Christmas was going to be very small this year? I think I'm FINALLY getting the Imagineering guides to the parks! Although I'd rather have a Flip so that I could take proper footage of the parks, unlike the way DH takes video. Very strange videography when we get home...

So when are we going? Well, it's hard to say. We agree that we want to go, but not on whether we CAN go. So we're looking at the last week of January/first week of February. I'd like to take a full two weeks vacation, he'd like 1 1/2 weeks. But if we don't make up our minds soon, the All Stars might be booked up!

So, if all ya'll wouldn't mind buying some things through my eBay and Amazon ads on the right there, we could make our plans that much sooner. ;-) Just saying.


  1. Walt Disney World is one of the most favorite places for travelers to visit. Most children always dream of going to visit Disney World. That is why, for many people, and from my point of view, also, Disney World is a great place to go on vacation.

  2. If you ask me, the unplanned vacation is the best. And you might be surprised- it will cost less than a planned one, due to last minute offers, in what plane tickets and hotel reservations are concerned.

  3. Even if it sound like a great place to spend your vacation in, I would still prefer California. San Francisco, for example. A great city, with many attractions, if you ask me.


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