Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Royal Doulton Disney Figurines

To be totally honest, I'm just testing out some codes here. However, Royal Doulton does have some awesome Disney figurines, so if you're a collector? Feel free to browse!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Home Again- Back To AllEars.Net

No, my dears, I'm not a member of the AllEars team (though I'll happily volunteer- you guys looking for fresh blood?).

For the past several months, well, nearly since we returned from our last trip in early February, I haven't been "in the mood" for Disney. Oh, yes I wanted to go back- I just didn't want another 1 1/2 week trip. I want to stay 2 weeks or more, and that's just not feasible with a job. Add in that I was spending almost every spare minute trying to launch my own business so that I wouldn't have to have a job, and, well... Even my favorite place and topic got shoved to the side.

Now, business is starting to pick up a bit, and even though I'm no where near the level where I could quit my job, the pressure seems to be lessening. And so guess what's growing in its place? That's right. I'm planning our next Disney vacation. Of course, we're looking at about 3 months from now which puts us way behind schedule in booking and planning, but it's still doable.

And what happens when I start planning our Disney vacations? I spend almost every available minute trawling through AllEars.Net. Yes, I spend an hour or so analyzing new menus (T-Rex Cafe anyone?), 1/2 a day with two tabs open- one to the All Sports resort maps, and one to the correlating photo links, and the rest of the time fighting with Disney's official site which is always updating when I want to check room prices. Always.

Remember when I was so excited that AllEars added Disney blogs to their site? Well, they've totally gotten up with the times now, and actually have a Twitter account! Yanno, I was going to sign off Twitter for the week following the election, but now I may just create a second account so that I can follow them during that week.

But what triggered this post? Easy. In digging into AllEars again, I glanced over some of the blog post titles, and one in particular caught my attention. Walt Disney World Attractions We Take For Granted. I love it. Not only do I agree with almost everything he said (though there are certainly more that I'd add to the list), but he includes some pretty good photos too!