Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disneyland Next?

Well, I've been to Walt Disney World 6 times now. Mostly because it's a 16 hour drive, trains are too expensive, and I don't want to fly.

However, hubs is getting fed up with WDW taking out awesome attractions (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, or Alien Encounters, anyone?) and putting in pathetic replacements (Stitch's Greatest Escape anyone?). I think when they decided to put in yet another half.... uh.... planned Stitch attraction in, instead of improving or replacing the horrible Stitch attraction that's already there (seriously folks- the promo's alone were 100 times better than the actual attraction- there's no doubt that Stitch makes a great addition to tomorrowland, but not when it's so poorly done and removed one of the best attractions on property), something snapped in my husband.

He doesn't want to go to Walt Disney World anymore.

It's bad enough that they've started pandering to first time visitors ONLY- because, of course, repeat visitors don't do anything for the World. Of course not. We only spend all of our savings every year to be there. Where's the 10th visit buttons, I ask you?

Anyway, it's not only bad enough that they've started pandering only to first time visitors, but they've been homogenizing the shopping experience (although the Original 1971 revival helps a lot), and lowering the food standards (since when does Disney order in mediocre chocolate cake instead of making the gastronomic delights themselves?), but you never know whether the staff will be trained well enough to smile or keep the parks clean. It seems to be a shot in the dark whether you get the quality service that you expect and pay for, or something only moderately better than the nasty flies and sour faces found over at Universal Studios.

OK, so right now it sounds like I'm the one that doesn't love Walt Disney World, which isn't true. I'm frustrated, but it's still the most awesome place to me. My husband however, says he wants to go to Disneyland where they respect the classic attractions, and have some other attractions that we don't have on the East Coast.

Problem is, we don't fly. And if we do buck up and deal with it, I can't hear and have pain in my ears for days afterward. Then, the whole trip is tinged with the dread of getting back on a plane. All in all, that's no way to spend a vacation.

The train takes 3 days and has an 8 hour layover in Chicago which is rediculous. It also will cost between $2ooo and $3000 with sleeping accomodations. At that cost, it would be more reasonable to actually stop for a day in each layover location and stay in a hotel instead of sleeping on the train. Plus, you get to see a bit of the country, and spend about $1000 instead of $3000. Except that will drag the trip out to about a week each way, and a 3 week long vacation isn't quite doable when we both have jobs. It seems that time truly is money in this case.

Still. Husband is determined that we're not going to Walt Disney World again until we've been to Disneyland. That determines me, that I have to get my niche sites profitable in time to either quit my job to take that 3 week vacation, or enough to pay for a $3000 train trip. Cuz I don't fly unless I'm staying somewhere 3 weeks or longer.

Anyone have suggestions? And I don't mean for making planes more bearable!


  1. I sometimes wonder why companies do the things they do. Aside from Disney companies do strange things and pull product, in this case rides, off the market.

  2. Not sure why you don't fly, other than the sheer aggravation of it all, but it has to be easier than driving or taking the train from Chicago. If you insist in driving, maybe make a cross country tour of it and take in some sites along the way.

    -- Dan
    Outer Banks Revealed

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  4. I have read your blog with interest as I am in the process of blogging our time at Disney World, and would confirm that it must be the best place to go to on holiday. My blog is still a work in progress but you can read our experience at


  5. You NEED to visit Disneyland - it is the original and in my opinion the most charming of all the Disney parks.


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