Monday, October 05, 2009

I Want A Disney Fairy Tale Wedding

4 years ago when my husband and I decided to get married, we decided that we wanted a Disney fairy tale wedding.

No, not the frou-frou kind with the big white dress in the wedding chapel at the Grand Floridian. No, we wanted to get married in the park. Granted, we couldn't agree on which park, or where in which park. I wanted to get married on one of the little bridges behind the eating pavilions at the Flame Tree BBQ in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Hubs wanted to get married in the rose garden in front of Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom. That's a little too normal for my taste, though I do like the area.

The other area hubs thought of is the path between Mickey's Toon Town Fair and Tomorrowland, particularly the section just before you get to Space Mountain. Now THAT I could live with. Both the bridge in Animal Kingdom and the path to Tomorrowland are rarely inhabited, and we always sort of feel like they're "our" spot in each park. We have a few other such spots, but those two are probably the least obtrusive and the most secluded and romantic given that both are surrounded by trees- one has the addition of water and the other has the addition of flowers most times of the year.

It was going to be very small too. Just the two of us, the pastor and his wife. Unless anyone from our family really wanted to pay their own way, it would have been just 4 people in a little 5 minute ceremony- if that!

I love planning vacations, and planning a wedding on vacation just made it even more fun! So, I dutifully called up the official Disney wedding planners. And found out that if I wanted to get married in one of the parks, the bare minimum that we could spend on said wedding was $10,000.

Somehow, we just couldn't see putting ourselves $10,000 in debt for a 5 minute ceremony. There were cheaper options- in fact, I think one of the options was only $2,000. But, for me, what's the point of getting married at Disney World if you're not actually getting married at Disney World?

We briefly considered sneaking the ceremony in- after all, 4 people standing on a bridge that no one else crosses? It certainly wouldn't be obstructive at all. No more so than when we stop to take a picture, and then a video, and then another picture... just like we do on every vacation. But beyond feeling that sneaking in that way is wrong, the idea of sneaking in on Disney- the place we love, the whole reason we wanted to get married there, just seemed very, very wrong.

So, someday when I'm making millions of dollars a year, I have informed hubs that we will be having a vow renewal, and it will be at Disney. The JP we went to was a wonderful man, and it was a suitable wedding for us, but some day, I'm going to have my Disney fairy tale wedding.